Most of the deities presented in the PHB are fair game in this world’s meta-pantheon, but I thought I’d kill off Bahamut, you know, for flavour. He was murdered – ripped into five by Tiamat’s various heads.

In his place appeared Kao, the Dragon of Judges, and Eckers, the Wandering Knight.

According to tradition, Kao was the greatest of Bahamut’s many ‘golden canaries,’ gold dragons that he could call upon in any circumstance. She rose to power following his death, taking over the domain of Justice with a more neutral perspective. Her symbol is a dragon’s head without eyes.

Eckers was a former paladin exarch of Bahamut’s; unable to defend his master, he set off wandering, righting wrongs as he saw fit across the cosmos. His symbol is an empty suit of plate armour.


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