Non-Item Rewards

I intend to include some rewards in the game outside the normal trifecta of gold, XP, and items. These will, in many cases, take the place of those things, but have a different ‘feel’ to them, hopefully. Here are some examples that might not appear in the game, but they are the sort of rewards, and situations that would grant them.

Divine Boon: a deity that is not the patron of the PC sees a particularly good deed done and rewards them justly, perhaps to show appreciation, or perhaps to sow the seeds of dissension.

“Blessing of Moradin.

After giving a fallen paladin of Moradin a proper burial according to his faith, you were granted a small token of thanks. Divine followers of Moradin, as well as certain monsters and items allied with or against him, react differently to your presence.

You gain 1 temporary hit point which refreshes after every extended rest. It stacks with other temporary hit points and is always lost first.

As an immediate interrupt, while the temporary hit point is available, you may permanently expend the Blessing of Moradin to grant an ally 10 temporary hit points when they are hit with an attack that would bring them to 0 hit points or below."

“Touched by the Far Realms.

Your willingness to touch your mind to an alien entity granted you an enhanced understanding of a far-off place, while distancing you from your own home.

You gain +2 to Will defense against attacks made by aberrations, and a +2 to attack rolls against the Will defense of aberrations. Additionally, you suffer a -2 penalty on any knowledge skill checks not directly related to the Far Realms."

Legendary Boon: a PC sees a vial of glimmering blue liquid marked “DO NOT DRINK,” and drinks it anyway; after rescuing an Efreet vizier, you are considered forevermore an ally of their kind.


Whenever you spend a healing surge, you regain 1 less hit point. You now have vulnerable 5 to lightning damage. Your hair stands on end a lot.

Once per day as a standard action, you may make an attack against all creatures in a close blast 3 (Strength or Constitution or Dexterity +2 VS Reflex). The attack deals 1d8 + Constitution modifier in lightning damage; half damage on a miss. You take 5 damage that cannot be prevented in any way.

After using this power, roll a d6. On a 6, the boon is removed."

“Efreet Soul.

You may walk on molten rock as if it is solid ground without taking any damage. You speak Primordial; if you already speak Primordial, you now gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy and Intimidate checks made in that language."

Grand Master Training: the elderly gnome you saved from execution was once a master duelist in his time; the town’s local sensei offers secretive martial lessons, for a steep price; you discover the madly scribbled notes of a legendary arcane tinkerer.

“Master Llewelyn’s Curious Flourish

Once per encounter, you may make a basic attack against an opponent in melee range. If the attack is successful, you may shift 1 square and become invisible until the start of your next turn. When using this power against goblins, you can add your intelligence modifier to the attack and damage rolls."

“Zamuz Oron’s Charged Magic Missile

Must know the Magic Missile power.

Spend a standard action but do nothing. At the beginning of your next turn, you may cast a magic missile as a free action which causes double damage and pushes the target a number of squares equal to your intelligence modifier."

Non-Item Rewards

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