Bird's Eye

Adventure 2

The party returns to Garog the dragon, and delivers the ritual the kobolds were preparing. Garog devours the scroll, and tells the party to return to town, where she will send for them when needed.

After a good night’s sleep, they are awakened by the sounds of festival. Today is tribute day, where the town and surrounding villages pay their tribute to Garog for continued protection. The party spends the morning running errands:

  • Bjorn pays the tailor to begin work on Gossamerweave cloth armor, once again spending all of his money.
  • Tragos and Aldrin buy pickling supplies, to preserve eyes for Tragos’ Identify ritual.
  • Firebreath potions are purchased from Gnomé.

The festivities are interrupted by an angry Garog, demanding to know where the caravan from Tuliptown is. The party is dispatched to find where they are.

Two hours down the road, they discover a landslide blocking the path, with the Tuliptown delegation stuck on one side, while a hobgoblin menaces them and makes demands. The party makes short work of the hobgoblin and his dogs.

A professor from the Tuliptown delegation points out the tower on the hill, recently uncovered from by the landslide, and asks for their help to investigate it. On the second floor, they encounter a pair of goblins. After killing the bigger of the two, the smaller one runs off. They hear a scream in the distance.

Ignoring that, they investigate the room. They discover some money, some bullets, and a glass case containing a smoking magic rod. Aldrin takes the rod, which appears to have an affinity for fire.

Descending deeper, they find a room with a deceased minotaur, clutching some prayer beads, which appear to be a ki focus. Bjorn takes this and attunes himself to it.

Soon after, they are attacked by a fire elemental. Pressing deeper, they encounter a burning hot room, with a skeleton on a throne and a crown. As fire elementals march towards them, they slam the door shut and ready for a fight.

After a grueling fight (in which Tragos is the only one not to fall unconscious, and Kraah is saved by the Professor’s convenient stash of healing potions), the dead king falls.


Scorpi dersam

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